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Errata for MOONRISE Patterns

You may have bought one of these patterns before the corrections were made. Please check and compare with your pattern if anything doesn’t seem to be working out. My thanks goes out to all who have found the errors.

Page 2 is a bit confusing. Above the “Symbols” Please insert: After your cast-on and knit back, go to the next page and work the 8 rows detailed in bold.

Page 6, row 16 The left sections should read ( 1   _ )x5
Page 7 row 8 the middle section should read 1   P9   1
Page 7 next to last paragraph, You should do 3 horizontal repeats

On page 12, first paragraph, the K2tog should be SSK.

I have enlarged the directions on page 15 and 16. If your page 15 does not include the entire chart for #3 pattern, please e-mail me for the revised pattern.
The newest patterns have a doll shawl pattern. Just ask if your pattern does not include this.

In the Trellis patttern, page 6. row 29 should end End 5 ( << O 3
Also on page 6, row 43hould read 2 (O >> 1 O 3 O << O 3 O   1 >> O 3

On page 18 the Trellis pattern should have 22 sts. 1 \ O 2 O >> O \ O 1 O >> O \ O 2 O >> O 1

On page 19 The corner chart had its spacing moved in the left section. What needs to be done here is to mirror image the right hand section.

In the “laughter pattern” these is a 4-4 cable. Problem is the instructions are for a 2-2 cable. The correct directions should be on page 10 and read there as:

The pattern calls for a 4-4 front cable. A front cable has four sts cross to the left in front of the other four. It twists to the left–“I left it at the front door”.

To cable without a cable needle:
Slip the eight sts to the right needle without twisting. Put the left point into the front of the 4 sts on the far right. Carefully withdraw the right needle from all eight. Four sts will be on your left needle and four will be hanging out behind the knitting, waiting for a pick-up. So, offer them a ride on your right needle, no twist, and put them on the left needle. Now your eight sts are ready to be knit with the cable already formed.