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A Handknit Romance by Jennie Atkinson
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Inspired by women's clothing, lingerie, and accessories of the past, A Handknit Romance offers intricate and exquisite designs. Step back in time with techniques including pin-tucks, picot trims, crochet edges, lace beading, and embroidery that convey modest and flirty classic fitted patterns using a range of lace, superfine, fine, and light yarn weights. Designer Jennie Atkinson's attention to detail in each piece makes for a gorgeous collection of unique, precious garments that reflect today's vogue for vintage-inspired fashion. A Handknit Romance offers beautiful projects that range from small accessories to full-size garments and suit beginner and seasoned knitters alike. Plus, this knitting resource has great advice on yarn substitutions as well as tips on how the patterns can be customized to fit all sizes. A Handknit Romance is the ideal design book for knitters who embrace creativity and the want to produce truly unique pieces
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