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The Formation of Lace Stitches & Lace Shorthand Instructional DVD
The Formation of Lace Stitches & Lace Shorthand: Learn to knit lace and chart knitted lace using Lace Shorthand in this DVD suitable for beginner and advanced knitters.

Sandy Terp demonstrates how to form the basic stitches used in lace knitting, as well as how the stitches are organized and kept track of with her Lace Shorthand. Sandy uses a knitted lace bookmark as a sampler and demonstrates a different group of techniques in each of three sections.
In the first section, Sandy shows you how to cast on a non-biasing first stitch and develop the project using various knitted lace stitches, such as making 1's, loop edges, enlarged and double yarn-overs and edge eyelets. In the second section,
Learn how to make four kinds of faggoting stitches and in the third section, which is mostly about eyelets, you are given practice in double decreases. All of the stitches are explicitly shown in high contrast thread from the point of view of the knitter. Information on choosing threads, needles and patterns is provided as well as many examples of the types of projects you can create using lace knitting.
Through out the video you are shown how your stitches relate to each other using Lace Shorthand, a simplified method of charting knitted lace patterns developed by Sandy.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 ~ Running Time: 92 Minutes ~ Language: English
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