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Lace Knitting Instruction on DVD!

Beginner through advanced lace knitting instruction now comes to you!  Enjoy these lessons led by Sandy Terp and professionally produced in the comfort of your home.  A great way to keep advance your knitting knowledge without spending tons of money.  Titles include: The Formation of Lace Stitches and Lace Shorthand, Russian Inspired Lace Shawl Techniques and Russian Inspired Lace Shawl Design.  Each is $39.95 and comes with a companion resource CD.  Visit my Videos page to read about them.



June 4th - 11th 2016  at Surfside in Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Registration Begins in August!

Join us for a fabulous week spent with fellow knitters in beautiful, serene Wellfleet, Cape Cod. Focus on your knitting and enjoy a lovely beach vacation at the same time. Classroom time is mixed with free time for vacation activities and show/share/knit in the evenings. We stay right by the ocean, in a group of cottages which back up to the National Seashore, the same ones we've been enjoying for years.  Visit the workshop page for all the info!





A Victorian Garden Party

Join us in an elegant fantasy and attend an elegant garden party wearing your lacey hat and fingerless mitts. You will be wearing your best dress with a collar that sets it off perfectly. Don’t forget your flirting fan! The hat uses bedspread cotton (about size 5), the mitts use size 20 cotton and the collar is made with size 10 cotton. Size 20 is used again for the fan. Suitable for the intermediate lace knitter.  Garden Party Pattern  $20      $3 shipping if ordered alone.


Classic Shawl Pins - Back In Stock!

These substantial pins are sturdy enough to hold larger pieces but still very lightweight and suitable for smaller pieces.  They are of the traditional design hand crafted by an artist on Cape Cod from nickel.The designs are all similar to those pictured, so let me choose for you.  $15.

8/6/15 September we will be in Searsport ME for their Fiber College. It runs Wed. Sept 9th through Sunday the 13th. Find all about it on the website: Or go through facebook I will have a small gift for anyone who visits my booth and mentions you saw this here on my website.

4/26/2015 The MOONTIDE exclusive pattern is done, written and just wonderful.  Sorry if you aren't registered already because this weeklong retreat is sold out for 2015.  Check out the workshops page in any case for plenty of fun weekend workshops in Orefield, PA.

6/5/2014 We are all enjoying an amazing week of knitting up on Cape Cod.  Consider joining us next year!  Read about MOONTIDE on my workshops page.  Here is a picture of this year's exclusive original design (thanks to Laura for modelling). 

4/15/14  If you are in the Lehigh Valley, PA or NJ and don't know about the friendly knitters group, send me an e-mail.  New friends are always welcome!  

3/8/2014 I'm so excited about the new yarns I'm offering from Malabrigo in Uruguay.  Please be sure to visit my YARN page for all the details and my reviews as I knit the Winter away with these wonderful finds.

12/25/2013 Please enjoy and share this year's SNOWFLAKE!  And for a whole blizzard worth of snowflakes, order my class handout that contains mix-or-match parts of snowflakes.  6 each of starts, middles and points will give you patterns for zillions of unique snowflakes.  Only $10.


12/11/2013 I'm excited to release my latest original design shawl pattern - "Every Woman Has A Secret Garden".  It was a deeply personal project for me and I hope it will be for  you as well.  The large pattern booklet is only $20.

1/30/13 I have written a supplement to the Cape Cod Dunes pattern that has a couple minor corrections and instructions for working it as a round shawl.  I have already sent the supplement to all who purchased the pattern and it will be included with any new purchases.  But just in case anyone should need it, it is also available here.

There has been some excitement lately about my book from the late 90's - "The Pruden Knitting Diary".  For those interested in getting a copy I'm so sorry to announce that due to a loss of the master document I have been forced to put it out of print.

If you subscribed to my monthly newsletter you would have received this year's original design Snowflake Pattern - FREE!  Still want it?  Send me an e-mail signing up for the newsletter and request the 2012 Snowflake Pattern and I will send it to you.  Each month you'll get the latest news and bargains from Moonrise Lace Knitting and also a monthly knitting tip or pattern. You can unsubscribe anytime.  It only goes out once a month.  I never sell, loan or give away your e-mail address to ANYONE. 

12/8/2011 Check out this video on you tube demonstrating a German Art Knitting lace stitch I recently discovered. Judith Rankin helped me with the translation. The stitch uses 3 stitches and leaves 6. It takes 3 rounds to make. What you get is a large teardrop hole with a twist at the base and 6 stitches coming from it. The top of the teardrop will move up to a lovely curve.

1. Work to the 3 stitches and slip each one as to purl.

2. Work to these stitches and knit each one, using 3 throws, that is when you have the point into the stitch, you wrap the yarn 3 times around the needle and complete the stitch.

3. On the next round slip each of the 3 stitches letting the extra wraps come off. Return these three long loops to your left needle without twisting. Now you will be making 6 sts from the three worked together-K3tog, P the same sts tog, and continue with K,P,K,P before letting the 3 stitches off.


8/1/11 We are on facebook! Help me spread the word by "liking" our company page.  

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MOONRISE Design Workshops That Could be Taught at YOUR LOCATION!


This is a design class. Minimum knitting—just a bunch of swatches as the student works on ideas for a theme. Three or more patterns will be chosen and plugged into the construction. Basically, the shawl starts in the middle with a more-than-circular doily or other round design. When it is 1/3 of the way out, the work is squared out by putting the increases in the corners. The last 1/3 of the piece is done with a border pattern on the sides and a portion of the original circle in the corners. A knit-on edging finishes the shawl. The numbers work for any yarn or gauge. This is for the lace knitter who wants to do some designing on her own, but wants the security of a tried and true set of guidelines.

Advanced–6 hr. $400, no additional per student charge.

This is another design class in it's short, one day form. It is a construction I developed to make a triangular shawl. It starts with the top triangle which ends at the back of the neck, having a height of 1/3 the desired height of the shawl. Stitches are picked up on the two sides and the body is worked on these stitches until the height is 2/3 of the finished size. Then the increases are divided and another triangle is formed at the bottom. Fun, easy and works in any yarn or gauge. Lots of room to develop a design theme. Students will work a small piece and do swatches for their own full sized design. The knitting is back and forth, so anyone can do this. 

Adventurous knitters-6 hr. $400, no additional per student charge.

MOONRISE is dedicated to promoting hand knitting--designing, writing, research, technique and product development, teaching and merchandising.

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Classes: May I teach for your group? Do you have knitting friends, a favorite shop, or local guild that would like to host a class? Please ask for a class brochure or call with your ideas. Or, check the website: for the complete brochure of classes. Sometimes transportation costs can be kept down by combining workshops with other groups.

Order: Please e-mail (, phone (484-350-3022), fax or even regular mail your order.  Repeat customers may send in their order and pay on receipt. First time customers can pay by credit card through my Paypal account, just indicate you wish to do so and include your e-mail address when you call, fax or mail your order in; I will confirm your order with a request for payment through Paypal.

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Wholesale prices are available on all three of my instructional videos, "The Pruden Knitting Diary" and "Five & Dime Edgings" and some of the kits.

Shipping is a $6 flat fee for most orders. Foreign shipping will be billed at my cost.

Some of the kits come with a choice of colors (the Jaggerspun wool/silk comes in almost 60 colors!). A first and second choice makes my job easier. The color card is available by clicking here.

Different needle manufacturers have different ideas on size. It is best to give MM size desired. MM sizes for the lace needles are: 0 = 2mm, 2(0) = 1.75mm, 3(0) = 1.5mm, 4(0) = 1.25mm, 5(0) = 1mm, 6(0) = .75mm, 8(0) = .45mm.




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